Saturday, September 25, 2010

Connectify - Device couldn't obtain IP address [Solution]

Was trying to connect my i9000 Galaxy S to laptop. Apparently Android doesn't support internet connection sharing from PC side, i.e. sharing PC connection to phone, not tethering. And the phone can't detect Ad-Hoc connection.

After Google-ed for a while, I found "Connectify" (version 2.0.x).

Downloaded and installed the latest stable version, but later found out that devices couldn't connect to the Wireless network, i.e Couldn't optain IP address.

There are 2 work-around for this.
1. Turn off Windows Firewall. (Not recommended).

2. Download the latest Beta (version 2.1 Beta 4) from

Hope it helps some of you out there too! :)


  1. thanks. I thought i was the only one having this problem.

  2. I am facing this issue in Version 2.2! Any update on that? 

  3. didnt help. I already had it off, and i have; 2.2 

    Try the above one

  5. thanks man it's work.
    i disable the firewall from my antivirus which is nod32 and my galaxy w connect to the hotspot and the internet work perfectly .
    best wishes for all

  6. This is exactly what I've been searching for. Thanks!

  7. disable ur firewall for network, will surely help solving the problem

  8. i am using 3.7 and having same problem.... can somebody help

  9. There is one solution for this problem..
    Open your anti virus settings. I am using Symantec End Point Protection:
    I solved the issue with below steps..
    --> Open SEP configuration panal..
    --> Under Status menu.. Click on Network Treat Protection Button..
    --> Select Configure Firewall rules..
    --> Click add button in opened window..
    --> Type any name for this rule..
    --> in action section, click "Allow this traffic" radio button.
    --> In firewall Setting section, Select adapter being used by connectify.. In my case its "Microsoft virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter #2("...
    --> Click Ok... A rule would be added at the end in rules list.
    Like: [Tick] | Connectify | All Hosts | All IP protocol.. | Allow | MS virtual WiFi Miniport.. | Scheduling is disabled | Eather On or Off | All Apps
    --> Move the rule on top..
    --> Click Ok
    You're done with all you need to do..
    Now your phone/device would be assigned an IP and you can enjoy internet.
    Enjoy wireless internet.. :)

  10. I had the same problem and was able to fix by disconnecting from my VPN.

  11. I tried all day long and i finally found the problem : it was avg's firewall that was stopping me to access the internet
    check this page, i found the solution here

  12. this saved my life. thanks for the forum.